If you are thinking of heading out to do your own fan-fiction short film, the bar has just been set a little bit higher

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Watch This Impressive ‘Overwatch’ Fan Film About Mercy

Brush up on your ‘Overwatch’ lore and see Mercy and Widowmaker in action

we don’t have an official Overwatch movie yet, but you can still get your live-action fix with this fan movie about Mercy created by Lupin Productions.

The ten minute short explores the backstory of Angela Ziegler – better known as Mercy – her childhood with her father, a glimpse of her life on the battlefield and a confrontation with Widowmaker. It was written by Grayson Peters with Amber Nicole Adams playing Mercy.

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Mercy’s past chronicled in amazing Overwatch fan film

Mercy is not only one of the most important in-game Overwatch heroes. She also plays an important role in the formation and successes of the official Overwatch crew during battle.

Her backstory is an interesting one: having lost both her parents to war, she rose through the ranks to be one of the most respected surgeons in Switzerland. Her breakthrough healing medication and techniques caught the eye of Overwatch, and while initially hesitant to contribute to war, ultimately joined forces with Overwatch to help heal and protect people

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A group of fans made a seriously elaborate live-action Overwatch short film.Created by Lupin Productions, it tells a dramatized version of Mercy’s backstory. While the grimdark tone and writing don’t quite land (in my opinion), it’s still an impressive production.

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Pierwszy film o Overwatch z udziałem aktorów!

Od swojej premiery Overwatch zebrał sporą rzeszę fanów, dla której niejednokrotnie stawał się inspiracją dla kreatywnych projektów. Jednym z nich jest film, który kilka dni temu pojawił się na kanale Lupin Productions.

Niedługo minie rok od premiery gry Overwatch. Gra zaskarbiła sobie uznanie zarówno krytyków, jak i graczy. Jej barwne uniwersum jest natomiast często wykorzystywaną bazą dla fanowskiej twórczości, takiej jak rysunki czy machinimy (animacje tworzone przy pomocy silnika gry).

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Scott Duwe, Overwatch Writer’s review on our movie

Scott Duwe, Overwatch Writer’s review on our movie

This Overwatch fan film explores Mercy's past Today marks the end of Overwatch's Uprising event, and it also saw the release of a short movie dedicated to the past of the game's heroes. "Heroes Never Die" is a fan film by Tennessee-based video production company Lupin...